Monday, March 7, 2011

Occasional Administrative Stuff

From time to time I post up blog announcements like plans and changes. Over the course of the next week or two I will be giving this blog a face lift. So let’s look at what is in store.

I will be shifting over to the Disqus comments system which is better than the Blogger’s system. I am also looking into a color change. Black is easier on the eyes because I’m fed up looking like every other wargame blog with the tired black backgrounds and white letters, so that will be changing. I was thinking a dark blue or green. I will also be working on posting regularly. I am aware that now I’ve said it that this will be the most impossible thing ever, but I think two a week is a achievable goal. Right now I’m going to try Monday and Thursday. In the future I’ll have these articles up earlier so you can peruse them during the day.

In other news, both here and in my posts here and on Bell of Lost Souls I will be covering Reaper Miniatures much more. I will be covering them from a wargame perspective. Not only will I be covering them from the aspect of Reaper’s Game Warlord, but also from a general perspective of what miniatures one could use for other game systems. I’ll still cover the other games I play but I like what Reaper does so much that I’ve decided to really throw more of my hat into the Reaper Miniatures Ring. Call it I’m changing my fan boy allegiances. I think this is coming from a lot from my weariness with Games Workshop games and products.

So where am I now? Well I finished my first Hobby Video and will be posting that up soon. I am working on demo forces for Warlord because I guess it is the noblesse oblige of a game’s play tester to demo the hell out of that game for those unfamiliar with it. I’m also working on my Open Competition entry for ReaperCon. It is coming along nicely. I’m also stripping the paint off of the Exarch for the Yme-Loc army, and will probably do a video about paint stripping.

What articles do you want to see? Also feel free to post your opinions of the face lift. 



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