Wednesday, January 5, 2011

40k Hobby: Yme –Loc Paint Scheme

During the Holidays I took some time to paint up a couple of test models for the Yme-Loc army that was sent to The Girl. The first note I will make is that I used a wet palette to paint with. Wet palette allows me to get the most out of my paints. The second important note is that I almost exclusively use Reaper paint products. Reaper makes a line or paints that I really like and they work beautifully with a wet palette. What I'm going to do is list the paints I used in painting the models, and I will give rough Vallejo Game Color Equivalents because they just work out better.

Legend: MSP: Reaper Master Series Paints; PP: Reaper Pro Paints; GW: Games Workshop; VGC: Vallejo Game Color

Primer: Reaper MSP Brush on White (VGC White Primer)
Lining: MSP Blue Liner (For what this paint is there is no but one could use a very, and I mean very, thin application of VGC Night Blue.)

Shadow: MSP Rosy Shadow,
Mid-Tone: MSP Rosy Skin
Extra shadow: MSP Dark Skin Highlight (After Painting the mid-tone over the shadow I went back and reinforced the shadows using a wash of this color.)
Highlight: Rosy Highlight
Extra Highlight: Rosy Highlight + Pure White

VGC Equivalent
Shadow: Heavy Skintone
Mid-Tone: Dwarf Skin
Extra shadow: Dark Fleshtone
Highlight: Rosy Flesh
Extra Highlight: 1:1 – 1:2 Rosy Flesh to Skull White

MSP Clear Red +MSP Rosy Highlight + MSP Pure White (I played around with this until it looked about right.)

VGC Equivalent
Bloody Red + Rosy Flesh + Dead White

Pack, Pauldrons, Knee Pads:
Base Coat: PP Burning Orange (Because orange is so translucent I went with a solid orange brown undercoat.
Shadow: MSP Phoenix Red
Mid-Tone: MSP Fire Orange
High Light: MSP Marigold Yellow
Glaze MSP Clear Orange

VGC Equivalent
Base Coat: Heavy Orange (This is almost too orange and not enough brown but it will work.)
Shadow: Hot Orange
Mid-Tone: Orange Fire
Highlight: Gold Yellow (close but almost too yellow)
Glaze: No real equivalent you could tie the colors back together with a glaze of the mid-tone

Shadow: MSP Midnight Blue
Mid-Tone: MSP Twilight Blue
Highlight: MSP Snow Shadow
Extra Highlight: MSP Snow Shadow + MSP Pure White
Glaze: MSP Twilight Blue (ties all the colors together)

VGC Equivalent
Shadow: 50/50 Sombre Blue + Black
Mid-Tone: Sombre Blue
Extra Highlight: Ghost Grey + Dead White
Glaze: Wolf Grey (ties all the colors together)

Shadow: MSP Snow Shadow
Mid-Tone: MSP Snow Shadow + MSP Ghost White
Highlight: MSP Ghost White
Extra Highlight: MSP Pure White (Really the goal is for a white look here)

VGC Equivalent
Shadow: Wolf Grey
Mid-Tone: Ghost Grey
Highlight: Ghost Grey + Dead White
Extra Highlight: Dead White (Really the goal is for a white look here)

Gold Rifle Details:
Undercoat MSP Palomino Gold
Base MSP New Gold
Glaze GW Devlan Mud
Glaze GW Ogryn Flesh
Highlight: New Gold
Highlight: New Gold + True Silver

VGC Equivalent
Undercoat: Heavy Goldbrown
Base: Polished Gold
Glaze: Umber Wash
Glaze: Flesh Wash
Highlight: Polished Gold
Highlight: Polished Gold + Silver

Mid-Tone: MSP Earth Brown
Shadow: MSP Brown Liner
Highlight: MSP Leather Brown
Extra Highlight: Leather Brown + MSP Buckskin Pale

I'm not going to do an equivalent here because basically we're going to do the hair in whatever natural colors the painter feels so inclined to do.

Shadow: MSP Clear Blue
Mid-Tone: MSP Sapphire Blue
Highlight: MSP Sapphire Blue + MSP Pure White
Extra Highlight: MSP Pure White

VGC Equivalent:
Use whatever blues you think give a bright clear blue

Shadow: MSP Earth Brown
Mid-Tone: MSP Leather Brown
Highlight: MSP Leather Brown + MSP Creamy Ivory

Mid-Tone: MSP Creamy Ivory
Shadow: Wash MSP Earth Brown
Highlight: MSP Creamy Ivory + MSP Leather White

Really the goal is the dirt should be a brownish quality and the ruble a warm white.

Base Edge: MSP Pure Black

Well that does it for now. Let us know if you'll be using this scheme. Thanks for the encouragement on this project it helps me keep focused.



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