Monday, January 3, 2011

The Road Ahead 2011

When it comes to those of us who live in Austin, TX I am more the hobby guru. Not that this is a bad thing, but being more about all things hobby tends to hurt my game. Does this bother me? Not particularly but it reminds me where my priorities should be. Before I talk about my course for the coming year I always like to see where I have been.

I began last year out win the ambition of finishing my Empire Army. Unfortunately this was a goal that I tabled early on in lieu of painting another army. I'm pretty happy I was able to almost start from nothing and paint an entire force. Since then I've added on to the army and it can use the rules for it from multiple rule books. Of course I'm talking about my 101st Airborne army for Flames of War. My real disappointment from last year was my total failure at attending any painting competitions. For various reasons I just wasn't able to go. This is something I plan to remedy this year.

This year I have some smaller goals, but goals that are pretty big for me. First I plan on preparing entries into painting competitions. For me painting competitively is important. Second I want to help see the Yme-Loc army finished. Third I want to finish another army. There are three possible systems I could do on army for. The forces I have for War Machine and Warlord are in tight contention for the spot. Finally I would like to get out more hobby videos. I've enjoyed making them and from the comments people seem to like watching them.

This year I'm going to set my arbitrary number of figures painted at a lower number so I'll focus on quality over quantity. My goal for 2010 was 130 figures painted. The actual was 94 So I get a C- for last year. This year's goal will be 48. That's at least 2 a month. My skirmish armies will be about half of that which gives me room for other things. I really look forward to 2011 and all the hobby possibilities it brings.

So what are your hobby goals this year?



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