Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Faves & Raves: Reaper Releases 3-14-11

Instead of rehashing what is being released this week I'm going to look at what my favorite releases are in this current set of releases. To see the entire list of releases you can go here. Let's begin:

Let's start off with my favorite this week 14606: Majestrix Latissula, Darkreach Warlord. She is sculpted by Werner Klocke, one of my favorite sculptors at Reaper. This model is for the Darkreach faction in Warlord: Savage North. Honestly this miniature would be perfect as a antagonist for an RPG to the leader for a Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elf Army. Frankly this figure is just stunning. You can go here to see more views of her.

Next we have 14585: Kragmarr Giant Slayer. This model is for the Kragmarr faction in Warlord: Savage North. This guy is an interesting change on Giant Slayers. He is definitely more of a giant hunter instead of the crazed dwarf packing a big magic blade that we see with GW Giant Slayers. I'm entertained that it looks like he is a land based whale hunter. My Dwarves will be looking forward for him to join their stalwart number in the weeks to come.

This is a great metal conversion pack 50201: Cyborg Parts. Super useful but especially so for converting some Guadsmen into having lost some bionic limbs. I'm always a fan of conversion packs because they increase the options and variety of your figures.

Chest Burster anyone? Ok honestly speaking not a huge fan of the sculpt for 50218: Alien Parasite w/ Host, but I love the whimsy and the nod to the "Alien" franchise. If I played Tyranids I know I would have a set of these as objective markers for the army, or as elements in a Ripper swarm.

50221: Nazi Zombie Officer rounds out my favorites list for this release set. Who can say no to Nazi Zombies? I can't say enough how entertained I am by them and now we have an officer.

That wraps up this set of my favorites from this release set. What uses would you have for these figures?



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