Friday, October 10, 2008

It Begins

Red dust swirled around the tires of the pieced together truck as it slid to a stop, and as it did a hulking ork jumped over the side of the truck bed. His steel shod boots hit the ground with a thunderous clang, and he strode forward with an arrogant air about him. The ork’s emerald hued skin was stained grey by the dust of the road with green trails of skin cleared by the sweat running down his face.
“Oi! Blasta!” he bellowed out. “Git me peepin’ toobz from de sack.” The command caused a small willowy runt to dive into a large equipment bag. Within moments he reappeared with what looked like two oversized sniper scopes that were joined together like binoculars by scraps of metal tubes. The homemade binoculars were as big as the olive skinned runt, and he hefted them over his head as he ran them over to the ork who bellowed for them.
“Here dey is Masta Kurg,” squeaked the nasally voice of the runt. The large ork scooped up the binoculars and as he did his tiny servant got tangled up in the binocular’s neck strap. The massive ork peered through his “peepin’ toobz” and saw that they were almost at there destination.
He and his warband were headed for an ore refining facilty that was crewed by automatons of the Adrantis Union. As he scanned the facility and the surrounding area his face broke into a toothy grin. “Oi! Listen up Boyz. It looks like the Impies ‘ave done our job. You gonna let ‘em take what’s rightfully ours?”
“No!” came the raucous reply.
“Den go git what’s ours!” and with that the war band spilled into the basin where the ore refining facility stood.

Week 1
This week in the Bell of Lost Souls Macharian Crusade my Orks fought against the Genswick Rifles played by Brandon. We played a medium sized game (2000pts) on the mining world of Lapis Majoris. I had forgotten about the environmental effects so none were in effect.

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead

1 Warboss
10 Trukk Nobz
15 Kommandos
12 Ork Trukk Boyz
30 Shoota Boyz
30 Shoota Boyz
3 Lobbas
3 Deffkoptas
3 Deffkoptas
12 Burnaz
1 Looted Wagon

Turn 1
I won the roll and decided to go first. The GR attempted to seize the initiative, but to no avail. I choose to deploy in the quarter to my right. I moved my trucks and Burnaz in a wagon to the left while my Shoota Boyz and Kommandos moved towards the right. I opened up with some shooting from my Lobbas into the middle of his lines and managed to cause 6 wounds between two units. This caused the unit that took the largest number of casualties to become pinned. My shootas and Kommandos shot at units on the right but no one panicked.
On his turn 1 he positioned his units to counter the Pincer move I was attempting. On my right he lit up my Kommandos with flamers and las fire, which caused them to break and run. His first demolisher round smoked six orks in a shoota squad, his next demolisher round hit a truk but the hit was saved, and his third demolisher immobilized the truk boyz truk. The Hellhound tried to hurt the looted wagon but missed.
Rifles: 1KP Orks: 0

Turn 2
On this turn both of the Deffkopta units came in from reserve and managed to come in on his deployment zone. Both units positioned themselves for rear shots on a Demolisher and the Hellhound. The Nobz moved up to assault a demolisher and the Ogryns next to it, and the Shoota Boyz Moved up to assault the right flank. The Looted Wago decided to go full speed ahead into Impassable terrain and were stuck in place for the turn.
In my shooting phase one unit of Deffkoptas smoked the demolisher, while the other only caused the Hellhound a shaken result. The Lobbas once again hit home and this time they smoked the unit that was forced to go to ground on the last turn. The Shootas shot at their intended chargees, but only caused a wound.
In the assault phase the Nobz with warboss charged the tank and the Ogryns. The Nobz killed two Ogryns on the charge and detonated the tank, while the Ogryns caused three wounds, managing to kill a single Nob. The Warboss then finished off the unit with his Power Klaw. The shootas forgot to charge which opened them up to a severe punishment.
The Rifles moved on the right to maximize their fire against the shoota boyz while on the left every unit positioned itself to deal with the Deffkoptas and Nobz. Once the smoke had cleared from all the fire power two Nobz, one kopta from each unit, and six Shoota Boyz laid dead. One of the units of koptas decided that one dead kopta was one too many and they flew away.
The koptas were charged but the combat ended up drawn, so on a lucky roll the koptas disengaged with their hit and run ability.
Rifles: 2KP Orks: 4

Turn 3
The Nobz moved to engage one of the command units of the rifles while the forgetful Shootas positioned themselves to charge both a tank and the two units that had shot their squad down to 11 men, while the full size shootas finally cleared the terrain they had been mired in and got into charge distance of the tank. The Burnaz in the wagon finally got on the move and moved up to back up the Nobz.
The empty truk of the Nobz went over to deal with a small squad of flamers moving to outflank the Nobz and killed a man in the shooting phase, which was the only shot that had effect I the shooting phase.The Lobbas attempted to deal with the Rifles line near the back of the board and they deviated off of the board. The rest of the mob used the Waaagh! to consolidate their charge positions.
The assault phase brought a Commissar and command squad into a fight with the Nobz. When the fight was over the senior officer in the squad noticed that he was the last guy around and decided to run away. The Nobz followed so that he would not be able to rally on his next turn.
Both units of Shootas charged into the Demolisher with the smaller unit being able to charge into both the tank and the unit that had shot them up on the previous turn. The tank had its main gun knocked off by a big choppa while the power klaw detonated it. The squad that shot up the shootas was wiped out, while the detonated tank killed seven boyz, with the shot up squad taking four of the seven casualties.
The Rifles were finished with the Nobz and dumped every shot that they could into them. When the smoked clear 2 Nobz, a painboy, and the warboss laughed at the Imperials because they were unharmed. The Hellhound popped the empty truk that was running around.
Rifles: 2 Orks: 9

Turn 4
After a so-so shooting phase every remaining ork unit on the board charged the closest GR Squad to them engaging a total of five units. Before a single round of Combat was fought General Collins sounded the retreat (conceded.)

Orks: Win

Wow! Nobz are the win. They accounted for more than half of the kill points I earned and absorbed more than 50% of my opponent’s firepower. The Boy of the Game goes to the Nob Painboy who kept his unit alive through thick and thin. A hearty, “Great Game!” to my opponent Brandon who put up a great fight.

Kurg raised his massive powered claw into the air in triumph as the Imperial forces broke and ran from the battle. His boys ran the stragglers down, and as they did he remarked to his men, “They sure looked like nails wearin’ skirts.” The mob broke into hearty guffaws. “Right ladz lets get what wees come for.”



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