Monday, October 20, 2008

Into the Woods

+++ Date: 2008797/m36
+++ Astropath: Octavian
+++ Destination: Pax Imperialis, Lord Solar Macharius
+++ Subject: Servo Skull Battle Report for Sparas
+++ Thought of the Day: Firepower is the salvation of the Emperor.

Your Lordship,
The Empire of Man has been blessed by your mighty courage and steadfast faith. Your occidental example has filled each man in this crusade with an effulgent faith that pushes them on to mighty deeds.

The mighty Krieg Korps has met with some setbacks on the world of Sparas. Attached is the holo vids from our servo skulls. We will analyze this data, so we can defeat the orks that infest this world.

Week 2
Once again my Orks take to the field of battle against the IG. This week the terrain was more wooded, so my main concern was for my Truks surviving fire and delivering their packages. This was a tight game until the end and I had a lot of fun playing it.

Opponent: Death Korps of Krieg (Nick S.)
Mission: Seize Ground (4 objectives)
Deployment: Spearhead
Environmental Effect: Touch of Fear
Ork Forces: Same as last week but included for review
1 Warboss
10 Trukk Nobz
15 Kommandos
12 Ork Trukk Boyz
30 Shoota Boyz
30 Shoota Boyz
3 Lobbas
3 Deffkoptas
3 Deffkoptas
12 Burnaz
1 Looted Wagon
(As a note we decided at the beginning of the game that the IG Sentinels would use the Scout USR in the BRB instead of their scout rule.)

Turn 1
I had initially lost the deployment roll which meant that I was going 2nd, but I attempted a “seize the initiative” roll and succeeded. I took advantage of this by moving my trucks behind cover so they could attempt to survive the incoming fire on my opponent’s turn. I positioned the looted wagon with the burna boyz in it behind a tall wall which made it out of LOS for my opponent. My two Shoota Mobs moved to secure the two objectives in my deployment area.

In my opening salvo my Lobbas targeted the middle of an IG squad, got a hit on the scatter die, and scored eight hits on the primary squad and one on a squad in the AOE. All 9 hits wounded causing the most wounded squad to go to ground. Some sporadic big shoota fire caused two more guardsman to die.

The Death Corps went directly into the shooting phase. My two truks absorbed a lot of fire many of which were misses, but nothing that would stop them from advancing. The forward unit of Shoota Boyz took it on the chin from a battle cannon and a lot of combined firepower causing them to loose 13 boyz.

Orks: 2 DKK: 1

Turn 2
My reserve rolls brought mixed results. The Defkoptas came in on the short board edge of my opponent, but my Kommandos came in on the opposite board edge. Movement in this turn left me exposed, but I expected it because my opponent had wisely deployed his forces so there would be a 12” zone of no cover that I would have to cross. So my truks were out in the open this turn. I did move my Shoota Boyz that had been chewed up into the area terrain where the forward objective was, so I could get a 4+ save against any other incoming Battle Cannon Shells.

During my shooting phase, I targeted with my Lobbas the unit that suffered a single wound from them last turn. Once again I scored a hit and was rewarded with eight hits and wounds. The unit passed its pin check. This time I focused my Big Shoota fire on a single squad and was able to cause enough wounds for a leadership check, which was failed. My Defkoptas shot at the rear aspect of a Leman Russ and caused it to explode.

The Death Korps rolled for their reserves and got an HQ choice and one Fast Attack choice of sentinels to come in. His moves were mostly for maximizing fire, but the shooting phase came quickly.

In the shooting phase both of my Truks that were working their way to the flank got shot up and destroyed. The boyz that piled out were minimally wounded. The front squad of Shoota Boyz endured another round of shooting loosing 4 boyz. The Kommandos got flamed by the fast attack Sentinels losing 9 and failing their leadership check. The Defkoptas got flamed by the HQ sentinel and shot up by two squads causing them to run off the board.

The Sentinels that had flamed the Kommandos decided to assault them. The Boyz rallied and fought them. The sentinel killed most of the squad while the power klaw nob popped one, and knocked the flamer off of the other. The Nob decided to run after having his squad wiped out.

Orks: 2 DKK: 1

Turn 3
Nothing arrived in reserve on this turn. The Truk Boyz and Nobz moved decidedly towards the IG lines intent on getting tied up in assault. Unfortunately the Nobz fell victim to their Warboss’ Mega Armor, which gave them a whole 2” on their move. The forward Shoota Boyz finally got more than 50% of the unit in cover.

The Lobbas Once again ranged in on a fresh unit this time killing only eight guardsman. The Big Shootas once again shot at the IG but this time they made their cover saves.

The IG reserve roll brought on the second HQ and Fast Attack Sentinels. The sentinels positioned themselves in such a way so they could shoot at the Burna Boyz making their way around to the right side of the IG lines, while the single command HQ came in on the flank of the boyz holding the rear most objective.

The IG Shot at the Nob Squad and only managed to thin the squad by 3 Nobz. The sentinels shot at the looted wagon knocking off its gun, while the other single Sentinel shot at rear Shoota Boyz squad.

The HQ Sentinel assaulted the Shoota Boyz and caused two wounds when all was said and done. The squads Nob was two turns worth of consolidation away from getting into contact with this Sentinel. The remaining Sentinel, that had flamed the Kommandos earlier, assaulted the Truk Boyz dealing no initial wounds but caused a wound on the nob when it detonated.

Orks: 1 DKK: 1

Turn 4
On this turn the last unit of Defkoptas flew in behind the IG lines again. The Burna Boyz moved up in their Wagon and got themselves in a position to smoke an IG squad. Once again the Nobz fell victim to their difficult terrain check of 1”, and the Nobz were thinking of leaving their leader behind.

In the shooting phase a “Waaagh!” was declared and the Nobz rolled a mighty 2 for their Waaagh! The Truk Boyz were able to get within an inch of their quarry, a Leman Russ. The Lobbas shot at the unit that they shot at last turn scoring their 4th hit in a row on the Artillery Die wiping out that squad, and inflicting a wound on a man from another unit. Shots rang out from the Big Shootas hitting one of the lone Heavy weapon teams from the barraged IG Squads, but only managed to kill the loader. The Burna Boyz caused 56 hits, which caused my opponent to just pull the models.

The Truk Boyz assaulted a Leman Russ and the difficult terrain check for the Nobz netted me a whopping 2” which was far too short of the six I needed. The Russ thankfully became wrecked, but it left the Truk Boyz in the open. The Defkoptas assaulted 2 squads inflicting no wounds and being wiped out in return. The Combat in the rear of my lines killed 3 more boyz but brought the power klaw up so it could effect the Sentinel next turn.

The Sentinels, next to the Burna Boyz, were positioned so they could smoke them. while the rest of his army opened up with shooting.

The shooting phase saw the Burna Boyz wiped out and the Truk boyz were shot up leaving only the Nob after he executed one of his own boyz. The Nobz lost two more models, but most of the shots leveled at them went wide.

In the assault phase the Sentinel caused no wounds but the Nob’s fury caused the Sentinel’s power plant to overload and explode killing 8 boyz.

Orks: 2 DKK: 1

Turn 5 (Last turn)
The Nobz and Warboss finally decided that they were fed up with each other and parted ways. This helped the Warboss actually make a roll greater than 2 and the Nobz were able to move up to get into assault range. The looted truck moved up and tank shocked units off the rear objective.

The Lobbas fired once again but the string of hits was no longer to be had. Instead, the shot drifted into the unit in the ruins that the Nobs were preparing to shoot. Luckily for the Nobs only 3 guardsmen died. The forward Big Shootas rang out again and killed another lone guardsman in the open.

The lone Truk Boy Nob and the Warboss charged a squad next to the wrecked tank but the Nob was killed before he could use his power klaw. The Warboss killed five men, but they decided to stick it against the mighty Warboss. The Nobz assaulted the previous barraged unit in the ruins and wiped them out to the man. They positioned themselves to claim the third objective

The IG reconsolidated around their rear objective, and their last tank moved up to contest the objective that the Nobz were trying to capture.

The Guard shot the Looted Wagon up and destroyed it loosing a few men to the blast. They shot up the Nobz but not enough wounds were caused to push them off the objective.

The fight with the Warboss continued in the assault and in this turn the Warboss managed to cause enough wounds to have them flee.

Orks: 2 DKK: 1
Ork Win

Wrap Up:
Overall, this was a great game. This was much closer than last weeks contest and I owe that to the more open terrain. The unit of the game for me has to be the Lobbas because they accounted for more than 50% of the wounds caused. The Burnaz continue to be a one shot wonder that I might replace with more Kommandos. I am also thinking of ditching the Mega Armor for heavy armor to increase the speed of the Nobz. Once again Thanks for the game Nick!

Macharius leaned back in his chair lip pursed in displeasure when he saw the fall back order appear in the reticule of servo skull. As he watched the video survey of the fall back, the camera view was yanked back by what appeared to be several feet, and Macharius warrior’s reflexes caused him to flinch.

“Oi! Wots dis?” came a harsh orkish voice across the audio track.

“It’s one uv does floatin’ hummie skullz.” explained another voice. With that the camera was whipped around and an Ork came into view. “Whot you gunna di wif it?”

“I was gunna throw it into one of them hummies runnin away.” described the Ork in the reticule. The camera view quickly pitched around, and then the view was one of the camera being thrown. The last image that the servo skull recorded was of its impact with the flak vest of a Guardsman, and then static.


Democratus on November 11, 2008 at 10:30 AM said...

Woot, lobbas! I've never seen them used on the table.

We have got to play a game sometime soon!


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